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nature conservation

supported since 2016

In 2008, a group of committed European friends bought the 100-hectare property at the end of a valley directly adjacent to the Brazilian Serra do Cipó. The intention was and is to protect it, to increase its size and to finance the project until it is self-financing itself. It is located a three-hour drive from the city of Belo Horizonte. The lowest point of the acquired land lies at a height of about 1200 meters, while the property leads up to the higher levels in the north and touches some mountain walls on 1500 meters. The nearest village is about 5 km away. This makes it one of the few secluded gates to the national park. This is where the unspoiled land begins. In the years since, with more investors on board, additional land purchases were made (the total land size is now about 300-hectares; i.e. 3 million m2) and a small eco-resort was developed. On you can see what was achieved in those few years: A jewel for nature lovers and conservationists, with beautiful accommodations. Since 2017, in order to generate some earnings to make it more and more self-sustainable, it can be rented – groups for yoga, meditation, vision quests, hiking and others may find this place inspiring. We visited the project several times and are convinced of the purpose and sustainability of the project. A few years ago we were there with some of the investors families – parents with their offsprings between 12 and 32 years. Our children were also with us. It was simply incredible to see how quickly the Social Media generation let go of these things and could enjoy nature in a completely new manner.

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