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climate change

supported since 2020

Greenpeace works for a sustainable and just world. Climate change is one of the great challenges that humanity is currently facing. The focus of Greenpeace’s main activities is on raising awareness and mitigating climate change in all its facets. Greenpeace is committed to ensuring that climate protection is enshrined in law. In Switzerland, for example, there is the “Glacier Initiative”. The aim of the Glaciers Initiative is to put Switzerland on a climate course and to anchor the goals of the Paris Climate Convention, which 195 countries have signed. The central demand of the initiative is that greenhouse gas emissions – net – must be reduced to zero by 2050. The initiative also wants to anchor an obligation to continuously reduce domestic emissions. This is to guarantee that climate policy is geared as soon as possible to the end of the fossil age. After all, any further postponement of the necessary turnaround in climate policy is dangerous for those who will live to see it. Another project is called “Climate justice for all”. States and companies should make their fair contribution to the phase-out of fossil fuels. If politics does not act, then the constitutional framework must intervene. Because climate change not only threatens the environment, but also the human rights of future generations, people need to be informed in order to set an anti-pole against too lax politics.

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