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"Munay" Is a word from the Quecha, an indigenous dialect from South America. The Munay Foundation has devoted its activities to the “Munay-Ki”. “Munay” stands on one hand for love and on the other for our will power. “Ki” stands for energy. Munay-Ki, therefore, does not only stand for the power of love, but also reminds us that we are celebrating active participation in love whenever we experience or give it. The deeper meaning of Munay-Ki could be interpreted as follows: Whenever we are committed from the bottom of our heart to give love and do good deeds, we will also observe that love and good deeds find their way to us and to the world.

We currently support the following projects:


nature conservation


plastic garbage

Two Giraffes

climate change

supported since 2016

supported since 2017

supported since 2020


Munay Awards

Haiko Nitschke receives the Munay Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2017, at age 70, Haiko Nitschke is honored for his work. He is the pioneer of the vision quest movement in the German-speaking world. The Vision Quest is a very old and widely used method of the search for meaning and self-healing in all cultures of the world. ‘Go into the wilderness, bless yourself and learn.’ With this invitation, for example, North American Indians have been sent to a vision search at turning points in their lives. The goal of this journey into the outer and inner loneliness is the examination of the eternal cycle of life and death. It makes it possible to reconnect with life, to recognize the meaning of one’s own existence and to find its own personal task of life.


Since 1992, he has supervised vision search groups. Between 1997 and 2015 he also conducted training in

visionquest management and one-year pedagogical trainings in initiatory natural experience. In 1997

Haiko Nitschke founded “ÖKOSYS Institute for Ecological Systemic Education” ( and

chaired it for nine years. He was also a staff member of the American School of Lost Borders,

and a board member and member of the Elder Council of the WGC Wilderness Guides Council.


Who We Are

We are a charitable family foundation and believe we can go a long way in improving the lives of others. We are devoted to ameliorate and uplift mankind morally and mentally, and to support nature with a vision of sustainability. Founded in 2015, we have been committed to transforming the lives of people and to contribute to the protection or cleaning of our planet.


Shara Morales

Shara is passionate about writing and the workings of energy and psyche ( She holds an MBA from Stanford University, a MA in Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia and a BS in Information Technology Engineering from Monterrey Tec. She is a former Director of Latin America at GL Funds and a Strategic Planning Manager at CEMEX U.K. Ltd. She was a member of the board of the CEMEX U.K. Foundation and the President of the BBSH Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Switzerland.

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